Day 4 of my hunger-strike

Today was a dry, mostly sunny day, but it was on the cool side, and that made it a little less comfortable. I had a visit from a Neuropsychology student I had known from my Cambridge days, and who was doing a placement at St Thomas’ Hospital. It was good to see a familiar face, and I appreciated her coming to have a chat. A husband and wife couple, both doctors, also stopped by for a chat and were sympathetic and supportive. Another couple stopped by, and they told me that their daughter was a nurse working up north, had experienced problems with management in her workplace, and had asked them to pay me a visit and offer their support, which I thought was very nice.

I had the usual number of people asking me for directions, but the most hilarious visit was from a group of students who decided to ‘take the Mickey’ out of me. They made comments such has – You must be really wishing you were eating a delicious Kentucky Fried Chicken. So I had to firstly explain to them that I was a vegetarian….it was all good banter, and it lightened up my day.

My story has generated lots of on-line comments in Indian Newspapers, almost all positive and supportive, but there was one comment along the lines of – He deserves what he gets because he should be back in India treating patients there. I never reply to online comments, but I had to reply to this one, and to explain to him that I was only three years old when I came to this country and that I can barely speak a word of any Indian language, so I would probably be useless if I tried to work there!

I am still feeling fine, both physically in terms of any adverse side-effects on my health and psychologically in terms of my ability see this through to the end of Day 5.

This is a photo of me on Day 4.