Related Websites

Websites that give information and advice related to raising whistleblowing concerns in healthcare settings

Patients First – A campaigning website for whistleblowers

Action against medical accidents – A charity for patient safety and justice

Medical Harm – Articles on healthcare concerns, in conjunction with Private Eye magazine

South West Whistleblowers Action Group – Action group on NHS whistleblowing issues

Public Concern at Work – Helps to raise whistleblowing concerns in the workplace

Doctor Foster Unit – Academic unit that gathers data on patient safety and patient care

NHS Reform Group – Covers issues relating to poor patient care and whistleblowing

Cure the NHS – Patients and relatives involved in the Mid Staffordshire hospital scandal who seek to improve patient care and safety

NHS Whistleblowing Helpline – In the UK, NHS whistleblowing helpline – 08000 724 725

Cause – Campaign against unnecessary suspensions and exclusions in the NHS

Doctors Support Group – Provides assistance and support to doctors and dentists facing suspension, exclusion or investigation

Suppression of Dissent – Website of Professor Brian Martin (University of Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia) which has a wide range of useful academic resources on topics related to whistleblowing

Doctors Defence Service – Although this is a legal firm that specialises in the defence of doctors, its website has some useful summaries of employment law and regulatory proceedings in past cases

Whistleblowers UK – Enables whistleblowers to make contact with media such as the press, and also has links to legal firms

NHS Forum – allows staff in the UK National Health Service to make comments and discuss key issues without fear of reprisal