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The booklets listed below have been written by Professor Narinder Kapur, with input from many colleagues over the years. They are mainly aimed to help people improve their everyday cognitive and emotional functioning, and also their general well being. The last three additional booklets are specifically provided for healthcare professionals. (Additional clinical guidlines for healthcare professionals are available free to download from -

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Karen Woo Foundation

Dr Karen Woo was a UCL-trained doctor who carried out wonderful work in Afghanistan, but who in 2010 was killed there in tragic circumstances.
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Unicef is the United Nations Children's Fund.
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Cambridge Wellbeing Manual (56 pages)

Cambridge Memory Manual (44 pages)

Concentration Tips (4 pages)

Managing Fatigue (8 pages)

Coping with Anger (4 pages)

Getting a good night sleep (4 pages)

Managing Stress (8 pages)

Study Tips (7 pages)

Word Finding Tips (4 pages)

Additional booklets for healthcare professionals

Looking After Someone Who Is Confused (12 pages)

Advice for Staff Dealing with Confused Patients (8 pages)

Returning to Work after a Brain injury / Illness (4 pages)